Terms & Conditions

UBR terms and conditions are quite straight forward. These are some terms you agree while using this site. If you don’t agree, simply don’t use this site. Your cooperation would be highly appreciated.

Rider Lounge stores cookies on your computer’s hard drive. These cookies let us know your identity the next time you visit this site. They collect some basic info like your operating system, IP address and browser’s version. By visiting this site, you agree that you’re okay with the cookies.

Order confirmation email
When you place an order, you will receive an email notifying you that your order has been placed. If you don’t wish to receive such email, simply don’t visit this site.

Right to cancel any order
We have the right to cancel any order if in case we detect some fraud issue or anything else. We won’t even give a prior notice. You agree that such act can be done by us.
Right to change the prices without any prior notice
UBR deserves the right to change the prices of any or all of the products listed on this website without any prior notice. You agree that its normal.

When you sign up with us, we send you a weekly newsletter describing the new updates and several other promotional offers. By visiting the site, you agree that you are okay to receive such newsletters on weekly basis. If you don’t agree to receive newsletter, you can always unsubscribe from the newsletter that you receive in your email inbox.

Additional Delivery Charges for certain locales
We can ship worldwide no matter how far your locale is. But sometimes, DHL charges us an additional fee for far located ares and Islands around UK. If such a case happens, the user/buyer is required to pay this fee. And you agree that you’re okay with that.

Return Postage
If for some reason, you want your order/parcel to be replaced or returned, you (the buyer) will have to pay for the return shipping charges. And by placing an order, you agree with this condition.


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